Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Redfish Lake 2011

We spent most of last week enjoying beautiful Redfish Lake, near Stanley, Idaho. It was wonderful and brought back so many childhood memories. We spent many summers camping at the other end of the lake with no running water, except the river, and no bathrooms, just the outhouse. When we went to the old stomping grounds this year I could still see the old green "five" man tent that slept seven, and yes, six of those were girls. We had lots of laughs and good times. I love to see me kids enjoy this same place. Kyle enjoying the water and Ashlee the hiking. It was a great break from the go-go-go we do each day. For those that know the family, you will see a couple extra kids in some of the pictures. Two of Mat and Kade's friends from Soda came with us. Can't wait to go back again!!!

Redfish Lake and Mt. Heyburn

Second day of hiking there were several snow slides. Ashlee, Buddy and Nicole making the climb over

Kyle and boys enjoying the water

Wyatt , Ashlee and Lexi

Emma, Nicole, Lexi and Ashlee

We made it to the 3rd Bench Lake, then we found lots of this snow!! You can see it in the background too!! Jordan, Mat, Kade, Ashlee, Justin and Nicole

More Water Fun!!!

Hold up the rock Grandpa Frank!!

and of course, we have to hold up the number of fingers for each Bench Lake. It was a great trip!! Ashlee, Nicole, Mat, Jordan, Gabe, Blake, Kade, Justin and Jeremy.

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Trish said...

That does bring back SOOO many memories. Okay, I need to go next time (but can I stay in the lodge???)